Kamerasysteme - eine bessere Sicht für den Fahrer


Handling loads positioned on a high level can compromise visibility. The same goes for loads that are wide, high and obstructing the driver’s view. A small camera placed on one of the forks or on the fork carriage with a monitor in the driver’s compartment can fix this. Another possibility is to mount a camera on the back of the truck for a perfectly clear rear view. Through the monitor – which features excellent picture and a colour screen – the driver is in full control of her/his operations, steering and actions.

Easier and more efficient

A camera system makes overall material handling easier and more efficient, increasing productivity as well as safety – benefitting both businesses and drivers. Higher safety means fewer accidents, even in confined areas with high activity. A camera system also enables a more ergonomic and healthy working posture for the driver, avoiding repetitive strain injuries.



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